At the age of 8 I started my musical career: singing in public and studying the piano. This was my passion and the only thing I wanted to do: music was my language.

During a very serious illness I discovered the Power of Yoga assisted by my first Indian Yoga teacher.

Some years later I realized that classical singing was no longer my passion. To find out what would happen next I went on a 108-day pilgrimage through India. There I had many spiritual experiences and, after a short time, I knew exactly what I had to do next.

Returning to the West I quit singing classical music and started giving concerts and workshops with spiritual chants. My aim is to connect people of all different races, cultures, traditions and beliefs, to help them feel the sources from which everything comes deep inside themselves.

Shortly after this, Sonja Blackledge and I founded "Navuna House" - a wonderful "Health, Body and Soul" meeting point. Here I offer Chant evenings and Yoga classes. I also assist people in their own individual spiritual development.