Two years ago, I was sitting on the terrace of a houseboat on the Dhal Lake in Kashmir. It was one of the 108 days of my pilgrimage through India. There, in the centre of a Muslim country, with the call of the Imam many times a day, I could hear a wonderful Hindu Mantra from a high mountain. It was "Mangalam".

This was a powerful sign for reaching peace and understanding to me between different cultures, traditions and religions. And it was also the signal to raise my voice for peace.

All the songs on this CD were in my mind during the 108 days of this trip. Not only the Mantras, even songs like "Kyrieleison" and "Cantico" I could hear inside me as a symbol of the deep connection between the East and the West.

May these songs resonate inside you with deep feelings of inner peace and love in your open heart, so we can reach one common goal – UNITY.

Love and blessings

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1. Jay ambe
2. Saraswati mantra
3. Bismillah er-rachman
4. Mangalam
5. Hare om
6. Om purnamidam
7. In principo
8. Jaya ganga
9. Surya namaskar
10. Kyrie
11. Cantico
12. Om tare tam soha

"Colours of Earth"
1. Narayan
2. Om Buhu
3. Deep in the River
4. Murali Krishna
5. Moon
6. Om Asatoma
7. Gloria
8. I Pray to You
9. Om Mata Devi
10. Hallelujah