NAVUNA means Smile
- a wonderful principle in life.

At the age of 8 I started my musical career: singing in public and studying the piano. This was my passion and the only thing I wanted to do: Music was my language.

At the same time I was very interested in Tibet and India and felt at home, when I saw pictures from these countries.


During a very serious illness I came in touch with the Power of Yoga assisted by my first Indian Yoga teacher. Regaining my original strength and health, I decided to go to India. There I went on a 108-day pilgrimage. I had many spiritual experiences and, after a short time, I knew exactly what to do.


Returning to the West I quit singing classical music and started giving concerts and workshops with spiritual Chants.

My aim is to create an OPEN SPACE where people can experience, in their own individual way, where they come from – THE SOURCE

Deep inside of yourself
you feel the voice telling the truth

Christine Papendieck - Navuna Navuna spiritual singer and composer

About the Logo:

The Logo is a YANTRA, coming from the vedic science, where each geometric form has a special meaning.

In the center you find the BINDU. It corresponds with the Sound of OM, where everything is coming from, the SOURCE.

The SQUARE means stability and is also a symbol for the Element EARTH. The square on point represents the dynamic element of this form, the feminine.

The CIRCLE around it represents space and a never ending process. This element is WATER.
The four surrounding CRESCENTS are the symbol for NADABHRAMA, the principle of sound.